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We provide free training to help make your Women Run Events race a success.  CLICK HERE to download the plan you need, whether it's a run/walk program for your very first 5K or an advanced program for you umpteenth Half-Marathon.   


We include free Chargerunning workouts hosted by great coaches including our own Coach Kevin.  Check the calendar to see when you can join him for a live Chargerunning class via your phone.  Mention Women Run LA to Coach Kevin, and you'll get a month's free subscription to the app.  The calendar tells when you can join him for Southern California runs as well. 

Personalized Training and Support

You can also CLICK HERE for a value-added training program, which includes everything above plus:

  • individual support from Coach Kevin on any issues during your training

  • free stride analysis to improve your running efficiency

  • continual adjustment of your training plan as you progress

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